Keys and Signage


The Property Management Office will provide a set of complimentary keys when your company initially moves into Salesforce West. Should you require additional keys to your space at any time during your tenancy, one of your company’s authorized personnel must send written notification to our office indicating how many keys are needed and to whom they should be delivered. Keys can be made within 24 hours of the request and frequently on the same day. Tenants will be billed back for additional keys.

Tenant Signage

The Property Management Office will provide a complete set of building standard signage for your company upon your arrival at Salesforce West. This includes a directory strip in the elevator lobby on your floor and at the entry of your suite. To order additional signage or to change existing signage, please send all necessary information to the Property Management Office. We will complete an order form and return it to you for your approval before sending it to our building graphics provider. Please allow approximately two weeks for delivery and installation of signage after you have placed your order. Full-floor Tenants can use signage that is not building standard at their own expense in the lobbies of their floors upon approval from Landlord. Please note that multi-tenant floors must request approval from the Property Management Office for all signage in public areas. No temporary or paper signs are permitted at any time.