Moving Rules & Regulations

At Salesforce West, there is one loading dock and one service elevator for the high rise, mid rise and low rise floors. In order to accommodate the large number of users (tenants, contractors, and delivery companies), we ask that the following procedures be agreed to prior to any movement of furniture, materials or equipment.

Any move found to be in violation of these moving Rules and Regulations may be stopped until the problem is corrected.

  1. Prior to any sizeable deliveries, the tenant must contact the Property Management Office to reserve the freight elevator and loading dock. Please understand that we cannot restrict the freight elevator for normal delivery activity. Nor can we assure that the loading dock will be empty at the time you and/or company is due to arrive. Please contact the Property Management Office at (415) 543-5600.
  2. Weekday deliveries that require use of the freight elevator for more than 20 minutes or more than 1 elevator load must occur between the hours of 6 PM and 6 AM. Weekend deliveries are permitted and may occur at any time during the day, but must be coordinated through the Property Management Office.
  3. Delivery and/or moving personnel are not to use the passenger elevators.
  4. The delivery and/or moving company will be responsible for protection of all corridor walls and floors and will be responsible for all damage resulting from the move.
  5. The delivery and/or moving company should provide protection to all walls and floors and provide masonite from freight elevator through all public corridors and through the tenant area.
  6. A joint walk-through of the common areas is not necessary. However, the moving firm is responsible for noting any existing damages and reporting these damages to the Property Management Office prior to the delivery or move.
  7. Only delivery and/or moving vans/trucks will be allowed on the loading dock during the delivery. If the van is of a very large size, please have the moving representative notify the Property Management Office. Vehicles that exceed 35’ in length cannot fit in the loading dock. No semi’s are allowed.
  8. The use of pallet jacks are prohibited.
  9. Any deliveries must be done through the garage and freight elevator, not through the lobby.