Evacuation / Relocation

Fire Emergency Procedures

  1. The direct authority to order an evacuation or relocation will reside with the San Francisco Fire Department or Police Department. Should it be necessary to evacuate or relocate during an emergency, it will be conducted in accordance with the Building Emergency Plan, under the direction of the Fire Safety Director and/or the San Francisco Police/Fire Department. Each Tenant is required to provide the Building Manager with the names of employees who will act as Emergency Response Team Leader for the premises.

  2. First Response to Fire Emergency

    1. Pull the fire alarm box (manual pull station).
    2. Call 911 from a safe area.
    3. Inform Salesforce West Security immediately at 415-243-2133.
    4. Clearly state your name, company name, floor, and the extent and severity of the fire.
    5. Inform your Emergency Response Team Leader and await his/her instructions.
    6. Assist others in exiting if safe and necessary to do so.
    7. Evacuate or relocate when/if instructed by Emergency Response Team Leader or public address system.
      1. Under NO circumstances should you use the elevators, for either evacuation or relocation.
      2. In the event of an emergency, ALL elevators will automatically be returned to the lobby and remain there until the emergency is over. Stairwell doors will automatically unlock. Remember; use the stairwells only for emergency relocation.
      3. The Fire Safety Director or the San Francisco Fire Department will keep you informed of the situation via the Public Address System located throughout the Building in tenant space, common areas and stairwells.
      4. Emergency Response Team Leaders will be wearing Emergency Response Team Leader Hats, follow their instructions. Don‘t panic, remain calm and walk - do not run.

  3. Procedures for Exiting Fire Area

    1. Keep calm and walk quickly.
    2. As you leave, close the doors behind you- this will slow the spread of fire to other rooms.
    3. Feel the surface of every door with backside of hand prior to opening it. If it is hot- DO NOT TRY TO OPEN IT- proceed to a second exit.
    4. Do not return for personal belongings.
    5. If smoke is present stay low, crawl with body against the wall. The clearest air is near the floor. If forced to make a dash through smoke or flame, hold your breath, cover your nose and mouth.
    6. If you are outside the Building, it is important to stay far enough away from Building to avoid falling glass.
    7. Know the exact location of stairwells.
    8. Emergency Response Team Leaders should take a head count on arrival at place of safety.
    9. Follow all instructions given by the San Francisco Fire Department.

  4. Emergency Relocation Procedures

    The following relocation plans have been developed by the San Francisco Fire Department to serve as a guideline to Tenants in the event of an alarm and when it is safe to do a relocation:

    1. Tenants on the floor zone above the alarm should relocate six (6) floors below. Unless otherwise noted below.
    2. Tenants on the floor zone of the alarm should relocate six (6) floors below unless otherwise noted below.
    3. Tenants on the floors zone below the alarm should relocate six (6) floors below unless otherwise noted below.
    4. Floors 14, 12, & 11 will relocate down nine (9) floors.
    5. Floors 39, 37, & 34 will relocate down eight (8) floors.
    6. Floors 38, 36, 33, 31, 29, 22, 15& 10 will relocate down seven (7) floors.
    7. Floors 7 – B will evacuate the building.

  5. Emergency Evacuation Procedures.

    1. When instructed by the SFFD, SFPD, public address system or the Fire Safety Director, Emergency Response Team Leaders will evacuate tenants through the Building stairwells.
    2. Relocation Procedures for the Disabled.
    3. A disabled person should be instructed to ask the best available person to be their aide and be assisted to the stairwells.
    4. Aides should remain with the disabled person until further directed by Fire Safety Director or San Francisco Fire Department.