Bomb Threat / Suspicious Device

The responsibility for evacuation and notification of each Tenant employee will reside with the Senior Officer of each Tenant. The Senior Officer will be advised of all information on a timely basis.

Bomb Threat Procedure

If you receive a bomb threat by telephone:

  1. Try to get as much information from the caller as possible: such as detonation time, bomb locations, floor, kind and size of the bomb, reason placed, did caller plant the bomb, caller‘s name.
  2. Note the following: Time of call, was the caller male or female, describe voice and accent, background noises, was the caller angry or show and other emotions.

Upon hanging up with the caller:

  1. Notify the Police Department at 415-0123 or 9-1-1.
  2. Inform Salesforce West Security immediately at 415-243-2133.
  3. Notify the Property Management Office at 415-543-5600.
  4. Notify your supervisor.
  5. The Property Management Office will notify all tenant companies by phone; in addition, handouts will be given to all persons entering the lobby and the garage to inform them of the bomb threat.
  6. If advised to evacuate by your Senior Executive Officer, do so quickly, and move at least three (3) blocks away.
  7. Remember, you can search your area faster and more thoroughly for a suspicious package, as you know better than anyone else if it belongs.

If you find a suspicious package:

  1. Do not move or touch it.
  2. Notify the authorities immediately and leave the area.

Suspicious Device Procedure

  1. Do not attempt to move or touch it.
  2. Ensure that all cellphones/radio devices within 150 feet of the package are shut off.
  3. Call 911.
  4. Inform Salesforce West Security immediately at 415-243-2133.
  5. Evacuation of the immediate area is the responsibility of the Tenant.