Recycling & Composting Program

The building-wide recycling and composting program was created to make it easier for every tenant company to separate recyclables and compostables from their trash.

Salesforce West has a "full circle" composting program, wherein compostable building waste is sorted, leaves the tower via the City/County's composting program, which in turn disperses compost to regional farmers, and farmers then return to Salesforce West to sell fresh, local produce at a weekly Farmers Market held at the tower's plaza.

Desk Recycling Bins

The Property Management Office provides every desk with a blue recycling bin for all recyclables (i.e. paper, newspaper, cardboard, plastic bottles, glass bottles and jars, aluminum and steel cans, aluminum foil and tins).

Copy Room

The copy room will have a large blue recycling bin designated for all paper products. Compostable items should be brought to the green kitchen compost bins.

Break room / Kitchen Trash Cans

The kitchen or break room should have three waste bins. The blue bin is for recyclables, black for trash, and green for compost. Compostable items include food waste, napkins, soiled paper plates, and any compostable products. Compostable products are labeled with the recycling symbol number 7. Paper towels in the restrooms are compostable.

Electronic Recycling

Salesforce West has partnered with Green Citizen for free suite-to-suite pick-up of larger electronic waste items* (i.e. computers, TV’s, appliances, etc.).

Green Citizen was created to make sure electronic waste is not shipped overseas or dumped in landfills. Most electronic recyclers only recycle high value electronics, reselling them for a profit, before dumping the remaining low-value items. Green Citizen can accept anything that plugs in or runs on battery, regardless of its potential value. 25% of the items we collect are fixed up and reused. They recycle the other 75% of items in partnership with R-2 and E-steward certified recyclers within 150 miles of San Francisco. They recycle these items at a loss, but it is this economic sacrifice that allows thousands of pounds of electronics to be diverted from landfills every day.

E-Waste Kiosk

An E-Recycling Kiosk is located at the basement level in the hallway for smaller electronic waste items such as CDs, inkjet cartridges, cell phones/chargers and batteries. These can be recycled at any time. This service helps to eliminate electronics from entering the building’s waste stream, as it is illegal to send hazardous waste to the landfill. We encourage tenants to take advantage of this free service by recycling not only electronic offices items, but also e-waste from home. Please email with questions.

NOTE: Light bulbs and items with Mercury or Freon not accepted. Large batteries over 5lbs, media and floor-resting copiers accepted at $0.60/lb. Please click here for a detailed list of items.

Battery/Cell Phone Recycling

In the basement, near the garage entrance, there is a Green Citizen kiosk for recycling batteries and cell phones. For any questions regarding any recycling issues call the Property Management Office at (415) 543-5600.

For any questions regarding recycling, including how to recycle computers and other electronics, call Green Citizen at (415) 398-8655.

At Home E-Waste Recycling

In an effort to continue properly disposing of e-waste after leaving the building we recommend that you visit Best Buy's "Recycling Made Easy" page. It provides an easy to use guide on what products they will accept and if there is a charge associated with the product you are trying to recycle. Most products have a limit of three items per household per day. They accept many common electronic related items such as computers, ink & toner, and rechargeable batteries to household items like vacuums and hair dryers.